Why wait for motivation to get moving? The solution is already available — it just requires a little more planning and intention.

Motivation is helpful, but personal growth requires DISCIPLINE.

How much time will pass and how many opportunities can be lost while waiting for inspiration to strike? Self-discipline is a powerful force that results in sustained progress. All it takes is conscious choices, effective systems, and a long-term vision.

To clarify — in this context, discipline is not about…

Having a strong network of people is an important factor in adult development.

The key to a healthy and fulfilled life is a sense of community. Without it, life can be lonely, isolated and unstable.

Humans have a primal need for a support system that contributes and exchanges resources, skills and knowledge. This is the foundation for thriving in a safe environment. …

Let’s be mindful that some people may be experiencing anxiety and fear when transitioning out of lockdown.

Haircuts! Playgrounds! Friends! Shopping!

WHO’S READY TO COME OUT OF LOCKDOWN?! Not everyone? Well, that’s OK too.

As the population heads back to work and school, we are beginning the transition back to life as normal. Normal? It sure doesn’t feel like it. …

Though we know envy to be one of the seven deadly sins, we are programmed to compare ourselves to others — whether by nature or conditioning.

During the lockdown, I’ve been going for evening strolls. I wait until the sun is just about to set so I can catch the last of the golden hour. Walking around the neighbourhood is like the real-life version of scrolling through social media; a snapshot of people’s lives.

I steal…

Breathing exercises can not only help to strengthen the respiratory and immune systems but also help manage anxiety in challenging times.

I’ve always had self-imposed limitations and an internal narrative regarding my breathing. It’s the basis of my fears related to water and enclosed spaces. At times I go through phases of trying to master both my asthma and my self-beliefs, and other times I just let it be. Through observation…

1. Entertain yourself!

Humour is really good therapy so just keep things light. Go for the things that you like to indulge in whether they’re books, podcasts, TV shows or creative projects.

2. Connect with others.

Make contact with the people who remind you of who you are. The social connection helps to keep you anchored. Talking…

Here are some videos of yoga for overwhelm or loneliness, grounding or uplifting.

These practices can help recognise the emotional and physical response to enforced self-isolation and/or lockdown. Scroll down to view the videos.

As the world responds to the coronavirus pandemic, I hope you are doing well in your self-isolation bubble. I’m thrilled to hear stories of those who are thriving during…

Wondering what to do next?

If you are feeling bored in isolation or disconnected from the outside world, here are some ways to relieve your cabin fever.

There is a lot of advice out there suggesting that we use this time of self-isolation efficiently. That’s fair — many people may have found a whole lot…

How can we practice self-care in isolation? How do we ensure our community is cared for in a time of uncertainty?

“Some experts believe that practising compassion, both toward ourselves and others, can be a powerful antidote to the stressors of modern life. Engaging our sense of compassion involves responding to pain, suffering, and stress with kindness and understanding.”


Feeling connected in a time of social-distancing

Humans are naturally social creatures. For this reason, as time-out is…

Discomfort. The intolerable, disagreeable, prickly state of discomfort. Though often avoided and feared, it can be the pathway to growth, progress, triumph, and accomplishment.

Can happiness truly be sought in our “positive vibes only” culture? Or is it better achieved by acknowledging and embracing uncomfortable feelings? By facing up to…

Alissa Smith

Alissa is a creative writer, yoga teacher, and graphic designer based in Auckland, New Zealand.

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